What is a personal trainer?

  • Is it someone in a uniform, mumbling instructions, staring at a clipboard, while you do one hundred push-ups (with incorrect form)?
  • Is it a drill sergeant screaming at you to run until you cry (or get injured)?
  • Is it a person that shows you how to use a machine while they text a friend?
  • Or rather, a knowledgeable individual who acts as part therapist, part teacher, part cheerleader, and part exercise guru? Somebody you can count on?

We hope that it is the latter!

At Strive Personal Training Studios, San Diego’s premiere personal training facility, we pride ourselves on our experienced and qualified personal trainers. In San Diego, there are plenty of options for gyms, personal training, yoga, Pilates, boot camp, etc. However, most of these institutions are there to take your money and keep you slogging along on the treadmill for the next 10 years of your life without seeing any results.

Strive brings personal training in San Diego to a completely new level. Our training sessions, boot camps, and group classes are designed to help you become the BEST you!

We can give you the keys to peak physical fitness, but it is up to you to unlock the door to your new future!

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