In today’s high-octane workforce environment it is increasingly challenging to stay fit and healthy while maintaining a corporate professional career… As our culture brings more and more awareness to this issue, organizations are becoming more receptive to “outside the box” wellness strategies and “on-the-ground” available resources to help support their employees’ health and well-being. These available fitness services include a wide-range of on-site Corporate Fitness classes, on-site corporate yoga, corporate on-site personal training, fitness center management and staffing, and available employee health coaches. If your company is still in the early stages of change, and you want to bring these corporate fitness services to your campus then you should follow these three easy steps below, which have helped numerous wellness champions nationally encourage a healthier culture for their fellow associates.

  1. Identify your campus’ head of benefits or more specifically the ‘head of wellness’ for larger organizations. Every organization is addressing the topic of wellness in their own unique way and some have even formed employee-based wellness committees to help support the health and well-being of their co-workers. If your company doesn’t have a wellness committee, then you could be the revolutionary and bring this group together to advocate healthier behaviors.
  2. Once you’ve identified the “wellness contact”, you should get a conversation started around the idea of bringing on-site corporate fitness classes to your campus. It may also be helpful to do a pre-solicitation amongst your network to confirm that the interest exists. Ask the wellness contact if they have ever considered bringing these types of services on-site and what may have prevented it from happening in the past? (Budget? Interest? Liability?)
  3. Share the initial interest amongst the other employees with your benefits contact… This should then gain some attention and initiate the discovery process.

It is very common for organizations to skirt around the issue of fitness and wellness thru the liability objective and potential risk for these types of offerings. Although, that is when you will have the opportunity to share vendor solutions, including Strive, that have offered these on-site fitness services for several years with a “zero” recorded injury rating with insurance companies in providing these services to numerous private, government, and insurance entities nationwide. We address such legitimate concerns routinely by management; therefore, to mitigate potential risks not only do we fully indemnify your company but we also provide you and the building management as additionally insured holders on our comprehensive general and professional liability insurance policies. So once the potential liability/risk factor is addressed, we may receive some feedback on the administrative responsibility associated with bringing these types of on-site fitness classes to the campus. This is a very understandable concern as most benefits folks would rather not include administrative responsibilities on top of their already overwhelming plate of tasks. Strive addresses these concerns by offering a ‘turnkey solution’ and managing every component of the program from the instructors, enrollment process, schedules, communications, etc. We have been able to work with all sorts of employers, from the middle-market populations under 200 employees to the large-fortune companies that have sites in multiple regions throughout the country.

In today’s world, it is important for organizations to take an assertive stance in their employees’ health. Not only should they track the aggregated metrics of their employees (claims data, biometrics, engagement, attendance, etc.) but they should also actively provide resources to improve the numbers and encourage a healthier culture for change. Our clients, who stem from all sorts of background and industry, have found the lasting benefits of introducing on-site corporate fitness classes to their workforce. We have been able to offer these on-site fitness classes without much administrative responsibility by the client, address certain sections of the ACA (affordable care act), and demonstrate actual improvements in the health of an entire population thru this simple yet effective cultural shift. If you are interested in bringing corporate on-site fitness classes to your campus, please contact Strive directly and one of our fitness directors will help you navigate efficiently towards bringing these services on-site.

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