Today we are going to expand a bit more on yesterday”s topic, nutrition. We often hear how food is either bad or good for us, the actuality is that there is a place for all of the food we consume in our diet. Healthy eating has been described as a puzzle with a lot of pieces, you have to find the way the pieces to fit together to get the full picture. All foods are different and can fit into your diet with the right balance. Some foods may have more sodium or fat, while others have more fiber and vitamins. No matter what the situation, their is a place in your diet for them, you just need to balance the choices that you are making. For example: if you have a high-in-fat meal during the day or know you will casino be having one later that evening, then make sure to have lower-fat meals the rest of the com/ Saliva test ing is currently being used by NASA in their Mar’s Project to determine an astronaut’s cortisol and melatonin levels. day. Make sure that you use your judgement as well, if you have 2 pieces of pizza

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and are full afterwards, do NOT go for that third piece, moderation is key! With a balanced diet and a healthy exercise routine you should begin to see results in no time.

Remember to consult with your doctor before beginning any new diet or exercise routine.

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