Water is approximately 60% of our body weight. We lose water through everyday activities like breathing, exercising and perspiring. If we lose too much water we have the potential to become dehydrated, and we all know that while we are out on the beaches of San Diego, it is a very real possibility!

The question then becomes how much water do we need to drink a day to keep our energy up and avoid possible dehydration. There are several approaches to answering this question as everybody is different and everybody lives in different climates. For climates such as ours the recommend amount is 2 liters a day (a bit more than 8 cups) combined with your normal diet and that should replenish your water supply that you lose during the day.

You can also use the drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water approach, this will bring you to almost 2 liters of water by the time you are done. It is important to stay hydrated especially while working out. In any intense training session you will perspire and will need to make sure that you are drinking plenty of fluids to replenish your water supply.

Ultimately how much water you need depends on the environment that you are in, your health and how active you are. Strive’s! recommendation? Get active and start drinking that water!!

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